Check out the Educational Garden


Rutgers Master Gardeners are a group of volunteers trained and certified by Rutgers Cooperative Extension to provide educational programs and activities in support of environmentally responsible home gardening.  One place we showcase our intentions is in the Educational Garden, and we’re open to the public every day.

At the garden we strive to make the best choices to promote use of native species, consider environmental benefits and potential harms, and use best management practices to encourage biodiversity and sustainable ecosystems.  Our goal is to inspire responsible gardening and land use management through education.

The Garden is a multi-year, extensive project.  We’re grateful for the support of American Water, Cherry Hill NJ,   and Camden County.

Visit the Educational Garden pages to learn more about the individual gardens.  Educational Garden

Nature is ever-changing.   These gardens will change as well,
so come back often to learn along with us!