The Rutgers Master Gardeners of Camden County have a mission:
Deliver horticulture programs and factual information to the general public.

As you read through this site, you’ll see all the ways Gardeners supply community service;  we give thousands of volunteer hours every year, growing our knowledge and passing it on.  Take advantage of this service by using the Helpline office or stopping at a mobile Helpline table.  Engage a trained educator for your community, school or group via the Speakers Bureau.  Visit the Garden Fair in May.  Enjoy the Educational Garden anytime.  The Rutgers Master Gardeners of Camden County are a community resource; we hope to see you soon!

History of the Master Gardener Program

landgrant - Copy

By various acts of Congress, government established the foundation for landgrant universities.  As the landgrant university in New Jersey, Rutgers instituted the New Jersey Agricultural Experimental Station, of which Master Gardeners are a part.  Rutgers administers both the state and county programs, and directs all educational and service requirements.

The local group, Rutgers Master Gardeners of Camden County, is organized into the Master Gardener Association.  The Association provides additional educational programming for Gardeners, and produces the programs we offer to the public.