There’s always something to do in the greenhouse! 

Master Gardeners get an early start on the growing season, starting the work in February.  What a great place to be in the winter!

The greenhouse team starts planning in January, focusing on seed selection and task assignments.  Hands go in the potting soil in February. Growing everything at the Office of Sustainability greenhouse in Lakeland, we start almost all of the plants from seed. A few are propagated from other plants, and we do buy some “plugs” from nurseries.  We’re working Wednesday and Friday mornings.

Besides the plants that we grow for our Garden Fair sale in May,  we supply plants for Make and Take classes, the Educational Garden (flowers and vegetables), and the children’s program at the Garden Fair.

A big part of our work involves providing plants for the County Parks Department.  The County provides the “plugs,” and then we up-pot and grow them into the beautiful annuals you see in our County parks. Activity ends by June, after the final plant sales.  And then it’s time to clean up!  All the pots are cleaned and stored for the following winter.

Master Gardeners are welcome to visit and/or join the team!  Address is 508 Lakeland Road, Blackwood, NJ