All year, Monday through Friday, 9am to noon–you’ll find volunteers in the Master Gardener office at the Environmental Center.  We’ll talk through your gardening questions, research answers, and share the knowledge and experience of Rutgers-certified Master Gardeners.

Bring a plant sample, pest, photos…we’ll do our best to identify, explain, and help.  But to give us the best chance of success, whether in person, by phone or email, please answer these questions:
Plant Problems

  • What is the reason you need a diagnosis?
  • If known, what is name of plant; if not known what type (tree, shrub, perennial)
  • Does the plant produce flowers or fruit?
  • Where is the plant located? Is location sunny or shady, wet or dry?
  • How long has plant been in its current location?
  • What chemicals or fertilizers have been used? Is mulch used?
  • Inspect entire plant for symptoms. Problems can be more complex then they first appear
  • When did symptoms first appear?


  • Are pests just a nuisance or are they causing harm to people or property?
  • Where is highest concentration of pests?
  • When did pest first appear?
  • Describe pest (size, wings, number of legs, color, etc.).

Please include descriptions in your email that cover the questions listed above as much as possible, and provide your full name, mailing address, email address, and a daytime phone number where you can be reached.

Email hours/days are the same as the phone hours/days listed on this page, so please be patient in receiving your reply.

If you are providing digital photos as an attachment, please limit .jpeg or .tiff file size to less than 1 MB.