Water Garden

Do you have just a small space you’d like to beautify?  Have you thought about a water garden?  We used an old horse trough, and it works perfectly.

There is minimal maintenance for water gardens.  Mosquitos are controlled with a biologic agent, safe to people and animals (“dunks” work well.)  Floating plant leaves must  cover 3/4 of the water surface to prevent an algae bloom.   Oxygenating plants keep the water clean and filtered.  If you have fish, they remove excess fish waste from the tank.

Water garden season runs spring through fall.  The best exposure is at least 6 hours of sun if you have flowering plants.

*Some aquatic  plants can quickly outgrow their space and cause you and our environment problems.  As they are not native here and lack the normal controls that keep plants in check, they can spread quickly and become invasive.  The impact they can have on aquatic habitats, like rivers and lakes and their wildlife, is extensive and can be irreversible.